April 19th, 2013

FFXI COR drawing 2 names

Three things make a post?

1) The local shop were all out of the bird seed I usually use, so I bought a new kind. Thistle (Nyjer) seed. c.c I had no idea thistle seeds were a thing! It's a very ugly seed, when spilled on the ground it looks like thousands of ants. Blech. I'm going to go back to sunflower cores as soon as they come back in stock. (There are multiple jokes in this, all of them dirty...)

2) I'm loving (L-O-V-I-N-G) Old Man's War. I'd be done with the first book already if my eyes weren't so old (heh). I wanted to read all evening last night, but I had to read for a half-hour, take an hour break, increase the font size, read for a half-hour, take an hour break, increase the font size... Eventually it got silly and, with a horrible headache, I forced myself to stop reading for the night. I'll finish it tonight.

3) Out of idle curiosity, I went back and looked at "this day in history" in my LJ -- the posts I made on 4/19 back to 2002. I noticed a couple interesting things:

- Today, back in 2006, was the day the ToAU expansion for FFXI came out. The expansion I loved most of all. It made me smile to read about how excited and happy I had been.
- I've been playing WoW a long time (since 2007, I believe), and on 4/19 in 2009, I noted how the game isn't fun anymore. I've been playing this game for four years while not having fun with it. (If I ever got married, I suspect I'd be the kind to stay in a loveless marriage since it's what I know and I'm used to it.) Very very belatedly, I've finally reached the final straw with the game. All those years I said I was staying for the people, for my friends and for the RP, now those things are mostly gone. I haven't RPed in weeks (months?), and almost everyone I know is gone from the game. My social channel is a ghostland -- less than one comment per hour on it most days. There's nothing left for me.

So the question is, what to fill my WoW time with. FFXIV beta is this weekend again, I want to give that another chance even though I really really don't want a new MMO in my life. I think I'm going to force myself to contact at least one person from rp_me and see how that goes. The MU* is an option as well, along with... I don't know what else. If I had a string of really good books I could read a lot more (or at least as long as my eyes held out).

You know, that's part of what's kept me on WoW for so long -- I don't know how else to fill the time. Silly thing, isn't it? The world should be full of things I want to do. I just have to find them.
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