April 20th, 2013

FFXI COR drawing 2 names

FFXIV, reading, WoW

I jumped right into Ghost Brigade after finishing Old Man's War. I suspect I'll finish it tomorrow (40% left to go), then put a review post up for both. Next week I have mandatory, unpaid OT at work every day (and half of the next week too), so the third book will be much slower to finish.

... You know, I had this long post written up about playing FFXIV beta all day, no real info on the game, just my opinions and such, but then I looked up the beta agreement to try to see if I would be breaking the rules by posting it or not. I wonder if the agreement would stand up in court? If I wrote "I (liked|disliked) it" and nothing else, that would be considered confidential information. It's odd that my liking or disliking of something could be confidential. Posting a screenshot of a mob? Sure, I could see that being an issue. "Oh, that mob is so cool!" doesn't seem the same.

Oh well, not much of a post without that section. :/ Well, to flesh this out a bit: I spent maybe a half-hour total on WoW today, and hated every minute of it. This morning I didn't do my dailies, and when I logged on in the evening a gold beggar was waiting for me and whispered me the moment I connected (and bugged me for the next 15 minutes, until I finally logged).

There's a RP opportunity tomorrow on WoW, but I don't think I'll take it. I need to get off my butt and look into closing my account.