April 24th, 2013

Chi_ :o

Birds and bee-thing suits and "tits"!

Bathing suit first: How lucky I got! I've not bought a bathing suit in 15-20 years, and the first one I buy (over the net, no less) and it's perfect. It's the oddest bathing suit I ever saw, but perfect -- if I had known it existed, I would have gone looking for one just like this.

Two pieces, but it's no bikini (thank every god above and below). If you didn't know it was a bathing suit, it would appear to be a dress and a pair of shorts. The dress part comes down to my knees (YAY), the shorts don't matter, since you can't see them. My only worry is that the dress part might float up. Hopefully it won't. Worse comes to worst, I'll somehow add a belt (haha). It's not tight/clingy, the dress part is a straight line down (when dry...). It couldn't be more perfect for hiding as much skin and shape as you can.

Birds: Nine out of ten birds do not approve of thistle seed. They toss it out of the feeder and make a giant mess all over the ground. You haven't seen a mess until you've seen thistle seed all over the floor! (Why yes, I do amuse myself with this.) I ended up throwing half a bag of it out.

Birds, continued: I noticed a bird was pecking my bird feeder. I went over to the window for a closer look, and saw a pretty little bird. Soft grey color with a crest on its head. I thought it might be a woodpecker (after pecking the (plastic) feeder for a while, it moved to my wooden fence and pecked more). Turns out it was a titmouse!

OMG! NWS! Tits-- Oh wait...

(As usual not my photo.)

Not only are they a pretty little bird, they mate for life! My bird identification site says they shouldn't arrive until May, but it's nearly that. It's so exciting watching to see what new birds will show up! And the old bird species are growing bigger, too. (I'm probably making them fat with an endless supply of seed...) The tiny little house finches who were my first visitors are now twice as big as they were when they arrived! Huh, their average lifespan is 9-10 years. That's a lot for a tiny little bird!

Edit: Not sure why the identification site said they arrive in May. Other sites say titmouses (titmice?) defend a territory all year.