April 25th, 2013

Snape approves!

Two things don't make a post... unless they're about sex

In all my bird feeder fun, there's one thing I hadn't expected to see: Birds going at it. This is my bird feeder:

That's my living room window. About two feet from the glass is the feeder, and maybe three feet more is my fence. My porch is tiny, but in an apartment I'm happy to have one at all.

So there I was, standing at the window, and mourning doves came (or perhaps I should say they arrived). They sat on the fence as they usually do, then one jumped on the other. Repeatedly. Then he was flapping his wings to hover in place while atop the other dove. I was on the phone with my mother while this was happening. I couldn't stop laughing. Yay for a new generation of birds, I guess! :P

The second sex-related thing is odder. And Japanese.

Oh what a world we live in! We can now buy breast-scented mobile phone straps! I'd really like to know what they consider "breast-scented".