May 4th, 2013

Chi_ :o

License plates, birds

My license plates for my car finally came. While you can drive up to 30 days in a new car without them, I was starting to get nervous about my lack of them. Opening the package, I was amused to see:

Contents made by
Prison Industry Authority

I thought that was only a joke/myth! Prisoners actually do make license plates!

I got lucky with my plates, too. I got random this time instead of custom, but even after seeing it just once, I had the whole thing memorized. Usually my memory sucks, but all the numbers/letters sort of fit together.

In California, our license plate format is: # L L L # # # (Number, three letters, three numbers.) On mine, the three letters almost form a word. The three numbers are part of my first phone number in my childhood home. So all I need to remember is that first number and I have it all. It took me forever to remember my current phone number, so I was worried about remembering my license.

Birds! There was a new bird near my feeder, one with very interesting coloration. A black phoebe!

(Not my picture.)

Apparently they eat bugs and not seeds, so I'm not sure what it was doing eyeing my feeder. Excitingly, I think it's nesting in my covered parking area! I love it when birds nest there, though I worry other residents or staff might knock it down to "clean up" the parking area. (In truth, I don't like the idea of my new car getting covered with bird poop, but I'd never knock down the nest to prevent it.)

I bought a bird bath (sort of). I wanted a real bird bath, but all the ones I looked at cost $120 and up, and were made of cement. I'm in an apartment, I'm going to move sooner or later, I didn't want a big/heavy one. (And I sure as heck did not want to pay $100+ for one!) Then I spotted a plant pot holder. It was on a stand and had a dish with a lip... That would work fine! The birds have been ignoring it so far, but its only been out a couple hours.

I'm getting worried about the squirrels. I'm not feeding them (on purpose, they're still eating seed when it falls). But they're getting so bold. Bold as in not running away from me when I walk up to them. Bold like looking like they might run into my apartment when they're on the doorstep and I open the door. Even when I say "Shoo! Shoo!" and wave my arms at them, they just cock their head and eye me.

If I ever vanish, check with the squirrels...