May 9th, 2013

Girl with flowers

Little Mosque on the Prairie

After catching up on Defiance, I needed a new show to watch. I poked through Hulu for a while, then spotted Little Mosque on the Prairie. I had been meaning to check it out; I first heard of it years ago, and have heard only good things about it. Perfect chance to try it!

Boy was I surprised. I had thought it was a documentary! I had only heard that it was about a mosque that opened in a small Canadian town. Turns out it's a sitcom.

Once I got over that surprise, I really enjoyed the show. I was disappointed it wasn't serious (I think it would make an interesting documentary series if it were real), but it's darned funny enough for me to be happy with it as-is.

Sitcoms are rarely funny to me, but this one gives me multiple laughs out loud per ep. (Plus I love the music!) The characters are all fun, the whole show is really enjoyable (and has surprising heart to it).

The one downside is a small thing: Like most sitcoms, everything has to be 'reset' by the end of the ep -- all characters are left basically the same as they were at the start of the ep. This greatly reduces the chance for character growth, but it's a fault of the genre, not of Little Mosque's.

While in 2008 FOX bought the rights to recreate the show for the US, they haven't done anything with it. I doubt they ever will. It pains me to say there is no way this show would ever fly in America. The rabid Right would have a field day over it.

But! You can watch the entire Canadian series on Hulu -- free!

(Edit: I'm only in the middle of the second season, so if there are any big changes coming, please don't spoil me. :) )