May 13th, 2013

Cat nose

Okay, who wished for me to live in interesting times?

What a day! Poisoned? Sea sick in the pool? And a visit from firemen!

When I got home from work today, it smelled like there was an electric fire in my apartment. I checked everywhere, felt walls, outlets, my computer, all my electronics, but nothing was hot. So I called the fire department. (Not 911, a non-emergency line.) Then I packed up my cat and went outside to wait.

In the minute or two before the truck arrived, the apartment handyman happened by. He was doing work in the apartment next to mine, so I asked if anything he had been doing could have caused a burning smell in mine. He said no.

When the firemen came (how is it that all firemen look hot?), he was still inside. Together they realized the smell was from work he did on pipes, he had to do something under my sink area (drilling up from below my apartment? His English wasn't good.). So the firemen left.

Thinking that was settled, I played around on the computer a few hours before it was time to go to my first water aerobics class. I really don't like my new bathing suit, but other than that the class started out great. Maybe 20 other women, all of them older than me, all of us heavy. One of the two teachers was a young skinny guy, which at first worried/annoyed me, but he turned out to be great.

About halfway through the class, I started felling nauseous. It got bad to the point of me sticking near the wall, so I could get out fast in case I had to throw up. As the class went on, I felt worse and worse. It didn't stop when I got out, or driving home.

Since it had been darned cold, first thing I did when I got home was take a hot shower. Then, even though it was 7:30, I went to bed. The smell (from under the sink) annoyed me, so I got back up and opened all the windows and turned on the overhead fan.

I slept for two hours, now I feel better. So the question is, did swimming make me nauseous? I had been in fresh air for an hour before it hit, so I suspect it wasn't a result of sitting around in the smell for a while. (I had the AC on in my apartment for a few hours, thinking that would be enough air circulation to get rid of the smell. Belatedly I wish I had opened the windows as soon as I smelled it.) I suspect it was swimming, since it felt like motion sickness. Even though I paid for three months of classes, if this continues, I won't be able to keep going. :(

Minor issue compared to those things: When it rains, it pours. I have five books from publishers waiting to be reviewed! They all look like books I'd like to read, so yay free books, but it's still daunting to have a list like that waiting.

I don't like leaving windows open when I sleep (my apartment is on the ground floor), but I think I'll leave the kitchen one open to help get rid of the smell. I wish I knew what the guy did -- I bet he used some kind of epoxy and that there's a warning on the container to use only in ventilated places or something.