May 26th, 2013

Angry scribble cat

Is this normal? (RL)

I was having such a good weekend, until I picked up my mail. I got a letter from the San Francisco Department of Traffic. Why in the world would they send me mail? I've never in my life driven in SF. I thought maybe it was one of those red light camera glitches.

Turns out it was a ticket, but not speeding. A parking ticket. For my Saturn. The car I traded in two months ago. The ticket was issued three weeks ago.

Apparently the dealer resold it with my license plates still on it. I wouldn't have thought that was okay to do... I did file paperwork with the DMV that I no longer own the car, but I guess it's not processed yet.

I'm really annoyed though. Someone is driving around with my plates on, getting tickets, not paying, and they're being mailed to me.

San Francisco wants various forms, with DMV seals on them, as proof I no longer own the car. I'm planning on going to the dealer tomorrow to see if they can do anything (NOT how I wanted to spend the holiday). I really hope I don't have to spend hours at the DMV trying to get this straightened out...

The deadline is really short, too. 14 days to pay or it goes to collections. My credit is outstanding, this could do serious harm. I'm really worried and very annoyed.
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