May 27th, 2013


Two commercials, a car update, and an assembly of Avengers

It's very rare for me to rewind a commercial to watch it again. Never before had I rewound to watch two commercials in one break.

The first one isn't brand new, but I love it. The silliness of it. Having a bear as a mother:

The second was such a wonderful mix of storytelling/reading and scifi; turns out it's a video game commercial:

And on the car/license plate situation: Thankfully I googled further before heading out this morning. Turns out in many states (including California), when selling a used car, the plates stay with it. So it seems like the DMV hasn't updated the paperwork yet.

The dealership (after giving me an hour-long run-around, sending me to various offices in different towns), finally was able to give me a copy of the bill of sale and release of liability forms. The tricky detail here is that the ticket letter said I need a bill of sale with a "DMV seal" on it... I have an appointment at the DMV on Friday. I'd like to just send in these two forms and see if it's good enough, but I probably should go in and see if I can get official copies. :/

Avengers Assemble, a cartoon series based on the movies, premiered last night, and by chance I caught it. I'm so glad I did! I loved it so much. While it wasn't a perfect match for the movie, it was really, really good and it 100% had the spirit of it.

The Stark/Captain America vibes were so strong they likely set off the local seismograph. Clint/Natasha was totally clear as well. Both made me grin from ear to ear!

My dislikes were few. There was no Bruce, only The Hulk, which was a disappointment (though understandable, since they had to make the cartoon simpler). Some of the voices were very different, but again, that's not really surprising.

I can't wait to see more eps!