June 9th, 2013


The catchiest song you might not understand

I don't understand most of this song (it's in Spanish, I think), but I can't stop listening to it.

A Target commercial uses it, and after hearing it once, I had to track the whole thing down.

I decided to compromise on the bird/cat issue. I took the feeder down for now, and in its place hung up a big bird bath. Birds should be able to find enough food this season on their own, but water is probably a bigger issue. They're slowly getting used to it. Come winter, I'll likely put the feeder back up -- maybe the cat issue will be cleared up by then, due to my actions or otherwise.

I have tomorrow and the next day off (WOOT!). I keep hitting our PTO cap, and if you don't use the time you lose it, so I'm trying to burn some off before we reach another 'can't take time off for any reason' period at work. I really hate losing vacation time.

I'm reading a great book (Ready Player One). I'm about a third of the way through it, and already writing the review post up in my head.