June 10th, 2013

Big Bad Wolf

Game of Thrones & RP dreams

The last ep of the season *whine*. It's going to be a long nine months or so until we get a new ep.

A pairing with one underaged person is rarely my cup of tea, but I love this picture so much. Spoiler for the last couple eps. Looks like he cares about her and she needs him and it makes me go all awwww.

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I'm going to try to watch all three GoT seasons again over the break.

Dream: For all the bad dreams my brain gives me, when it gives me a good dream, it's so darned good! Also, it was the best RP scene I had in a long, long time. In the dream it started out as an IC event in WoW, but I was lagging so none of the people were loading (but I saw all the people-dots in their class colors on my minimap, so I knew there were tons of people around me). Then they all started loading, and they were all Alliance! Eeek! But since Keen is fine with Alliance, I decided to stay and try for some silly/not real RP. He /flirted and such with them, then sat down with the group to watch whatever event was going on.

Then somehow it switched to "real" RP -- the whole world just 'clicked' (you could hear it and feel it as it snapped real), and there I was, a Horde blood elf in the middle of a couple hundred Alliance. I ran for it, and a pack of worgen (werewolves) followed. I know chase dreams are nightmare material for some, but I love them. I made it out of the crowd, but the worgen were right on my tail. Then the scene paused and we talked OOCly about how to go forward with it (we decided to give it an adult spin).

Not only was it a great dream, it was one of those times where you wake up and then fall asleep and continue it. Four times! Two times it was that initial RP scene, then the third time I returned to the dream it was me and the other players/characters on an airplane to go to wherever the next scene was (the worgen pack's cave/home). Then the last part was continuing the scene once we were there. I couldn't have asked for a better dream. :D