June 13th, 2013

Book with cat 3

2013 book: The New Ghostbusters Volume 1

The New Ghostbusters Volume 1 by Dan Schoening (pencils) and Erik Burnham (writer).
(Book received for free for review from Diamond Book Distributors.)

Like the GI Joe graphic novel I reviewed a few books back, I think The New Ghostbusters improves on the original material. It's been made more adult and less cartoony. I enjoyed the writing a lot.

I had a small problem with the art. Any background scenes? Great! Crowds of people from afar? I admired the art. Details of clothing, buildings, nature scenes? I love them. But peoples' faces? All the female faces had this "duck mouth" thing going on (I have no idea how else to describe it). It was requested that we not copy art from the book, but I found this image online, so I'm assuming it's okay to use that as an example:

Men had odd faces as well, but they didn't bother me like the female faces did. Linked for big image.

So, while I did enjoy the story, it's a difficult task reading a graphic novel when you don't like how the faces look. (Which is just my opinion. It's a style of art, and a style I know I've seen elsewhere -- cartoons on TV, I think? I can't put my finger on where. It probably works for other people.) It's really too bad about that one small issue I have with the art, the rest of it is so good.

[Some people count graphic novels towards their 50 book/year challenge. I decided I'm not going to, since it takes so much less time to read one. Thus the lack of a book number in the subject line.]