June 19th, 2013

Cat shrimp (hungry now?)

Less awkward, more WTF / Swimming / Avengers and Iron Man movies

Three things make a post!

1) Awkward Stock Photo, akwardstock, continues to amuse horrify. At least this image is free to use?

2) Swimming depresses me for a small reason: Usually I'd love a summer like this: Temperatures in the low 70 with a cool breeze. That's great for everything... except swimming in an outdoor pool.

It's still leaving me exhausted. I spend the couple hours between it ending and bedtime staring blankly at the TV. zzz I need to do a few more checks, but it seems to be doing really good things for my blood sugar though, so YAY.

3) While looking around online for something totally legal and innocent, I stumbled upon something interesting. Iron Man XXX and The Avengers XXX movies. Two porn parodies! I have the next couple days off, so I'm intending to watch them and post reviews. The Iron Man one stars Dale DaBone -- that name tickles me endlessly.

Here's the trailer for the Iron Man XXX one. Surprisingly it's work safe (except two spoken curses).

The Avengers XXX trailer is funnier and even more safe for work (no cursing that I noticed). I snickered at the Hawkeye abuse!