June 24th, 2013


I made a hacker angry

He made my day more annoying, but in the end I won.

Around lunchtime, I got an odd email. Amazon Germany sent me a "we're processing your order!" message. Gmail has a neat new feature, a 'translate' link at the top of the email, so I clicked that. Someone with a US address ordered a thumb drive. The email was sent to my ISP address, not my main one. Hm.

I started out sending a message to Amazon (US) help system -- I couldn't spend much more time on the issue while at work, but it worried me the whole afternoon. As soon as I got home, I ran a malware scan and another virus scan. Both are clean.

I have the very bad habit of using one of a small pool of passwords on multiple sites (a habit which ends today), so with a few guesses I was able to log in to amazon.de. My original credit card tied to the ISP account expired in 2010, but the hacker replaced it with two others (mine? someone else? no idea, Amazon only displays the last four numbers of them). I removed the credit cards, canceled the order, and changed the amazon.de password.

A few minutes later I got an email:

Subject: FUCK YOU

I have the name and address he wanted the order sent to, but I doubt it's any use trying to go to the police. Foreign hackers have things shipped to abandoned addresses in the US, then pay someone to pick them up and forward them to them.

Now to try to remember every single site I use online, so I can set unique passwords to each...