June 25th, 2013

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Quickie Avengers post

The net was atwitter with word that Netflix now had Avengers, and I wanted to see it again, plus I knew that Netflix is always giving away 30 day free as a trial, so I signed up. I intended to cancel within the 30 days, but know what? If I watch even one movie, the $9 ($8?) a month is worth it.

It was an odd sensation watching Avengers last night. I saw the movie only once before, under horrible conditions (on the cruise ship, I was sick as a dog and in a horrible mental state). However, I have been reading Avengers fanfic for a while now, so it was like I knew the movie without having seen it.

I LOVED L-O-V-E-D it so much. The one small lacking thing was that there was no angst/suspicion about Hawkeye having been under Loki's control, he just went right back to helping the team. I know an action movie had no room for that sort of thing, but it was jarring how everyone effortlessly moved on from that point (Hawkeye and company needing to deal with that issue is one of my favorite fic elements).

Tonight I watched Ultimate Avengers - The Movie. It was very different than I was expecting, but all in all I liked it. There was a lot I disliked: I HATED Dr. Banner/Hulk, I disliked that ant/giant guy and his Wasp wife. I didn't much like Tony. And where the heck was Clint?! But the movie actually made me cry (though I know I'm very emotional right now, so I don't give it overly much credit). When Cap went to Bucky's house and his girlfriend (now old, now married to Bucky) was at the top of the stairs, unable to come down and meet him... *sniffle*

(As a side note, I'm surprised how much I like Captain America. Very good-guy characters are usually no interest to me at all, but in this series somehow it works -- I blame/credit fanfic.)

Anyway! Before this quickie post becomes even less quick: Does anyone have any Avengers recs? I'm open to any pairings or characters. No PWP, and if possible not too NWS (some sex is okay, details are probably not good -- though if there's something really good and very NWS, I'll happily read it at home! Just let me know!). Or if anyone has a rec page they like?

Thanks! <3