June 27th, 2013


Comm rec

Two non-words, one subject line. That must be some kind of record for my LJ!

While I still, decades after it was relevant, have issues with the use of "lol", I can highly recommend this community: lol_typo. A low-traffic comm for posting amusing typos.


"At 1230 yesterday, she ate her milk and then some of her sisters."

"The food included one of the Prime Minister’s favorite dishes - Caesar salad. A spelling glitch in the menu, however, described the salad as being “full of victims and a good source of slow release for protein”.

Brackets denote 'thoughtspeak':
"[MOOOOOO!] I screamed silently."

"These are stories that are down right funny and that should make even the sadist person smile"

I'm having an amusing time going through the old posts.