July 1st, 2013


Quickie update

For this random post about random things, I shall use a random icon. *closes eyes, picks one* Ah ha! ani_mama drew this one a while ago, one of those "five random people get free sketches!" things. I love it, I should use it more often. :D

The current book I'm reading is taking forever to get through, which is what's holding up my next post (seeing how I mostly post book reviews nowadays...). It's not a bad book, it has some issues (some of them serious), but all in all I'm enjoying it, which means I can't explain why I'm reading it so slowly.

I have three kids' books lined up to read and post about all in one day/post. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm off all this week, which is really nice! It's hotter than heck here, but I can happily hide inside with the AC blasting.

Ellie New Cat, on the other hand... I'm worried about her. While I'm home, she sleeps at the door, her nose nearly at the crack where it would first open if I opened it. I have no idea why she's doing it, other than she wants to get outside? I hope that's not the case, but I have no idea why else she'd spend so much time there.