July 4th, 2013

Pride flag

Happy Fourth! Happy other date of your choosing if you're not American!

Ellie doesn't like fireworks. She also needs more practice at hiding.

(Confession time! That's not actually a current photo. I was worried she was too scared, so I was patting her and talking to her, I didn't think to take a picture until after she pulled her head out. She was hiding the exact same way as in that photo, just the other end of my bed.)

If you have Amazon Prime, check out the new(ish) feature you get access to: Free streaming of a ton of TV shows and movies! I've been gleefully rewatching Stargate: Universe, which might be my favorite show ever shown on TV. Better than Game of Thrones? Hell yeah. Better than BSG? In my opinion, yep! I'm so upset it was canceled in the middle of season two.

That distracted me from Netflix. I had been watching The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes -- a 52 ep cartoon series with great animation, really good voice acting, and wonderful story lines. I only got about twelve eps in, but I'm loving it.

But everything hasn't been all happy funtimes this vacation week. I had to do laundry. As I live in an apartment, sadly I share a laundry room with the rest of the complex. While this bugs me on a regular basis, this week it was worse: Someone washed a bunch of things that must have reeked of cologne. All of my clothing came out smelling so strongly of it, I had to leave it out on my front steps (fenced in, luckily). I had to wash it four more times before I got most of the smell out. (I hate any perfume, cologne, etc smells.) I really hope this was a one time occurrence...

Because of all the show-catching-up, my reading has slowed to nearly a halt. How can I not have enough time in my day when I'm not even going to work?