July 8th, 2013


Book #30: The Art of The Last of Us

The Art of the Last of Us by Naughty Dog Studios (Author), Rachel Edidin (Editor). (Credit listed as appears on Amazon page.)
(Book received for free for review from Diamond Book Distributors.)

I don't play many video games. WoW aside, it's been years since I last played a "real" video game -- one that requires skill at jumping, eye–hand coordination, ability to figure out puzzles, etc. I love them, I happily watch walk throughs and reviews and such, but I'm old and slow and thus they tend to be more frustrating than fun to me.

All that being said, an "The art of..." book is perfect for me. (Well, perfect-perfect would be me hiring someone to play the games while I watch, but that's not exactly reasonable.)

The commercials for The Last of Us really caught my eye. It seemed like a game with a great story, and I was wondering how I could experience more of it without actually trying to play it myself. Perfect timing to review this book!

I love it so much! It made me want to play the game even more! The art was so beautiful and in some cases I could barely believe it was hand (or computer) drawn, it looked like a photo. Lots of background info about the story and the development production as well.

If you like games, you should check out this Art of... book. One small warning: There are what seem to be giant spoilers in it, so play the game first and then check it out.


Side note: I know my review/non review post ratio has been wacky in the last week or two. All these graphic novels are so quick to read. I find I like "real" (normal, whatever -- "traditional"?) books better though, so this will likely be the last of them, unless something catches my eye.

Also, this book falls under the umbrella of "Book #30", the catchall for books too short for me to usually count.