July 9th, 2013

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TV rec: Defiance

I know I've posted about Defiance at least once before, but with the season ending yesterday, I want to mention it again.

While not a copy, the show has a very Firefly feeling -- scifi meets old west. Unlike Firefly, everything takes place in one town on a now-terraformed Earth (see, we kind of lost the war...). The world is a mess, there are just a few scattered towns left. Human towns? Nope, not Defiance (the name of the town as well as the show). More than half the population is alien, which makes it all the more interesting. (Some people complain that the aliens aren't alien enough -- they all have four limbs, one head, etc. C'mon, people, Syfy channel is producing this. You think they're going to put the money in for summer blockbuster movie special effects? The aliens are interesting, no matter that they all have two legs, two arms, and one head.)

Bear McCreary (of Battlestar Galactica fame) does the music for the show and the MMO. Yes, the MMO -- it plays along with the show, gives you lots of more insight into the plot and world, you play through the same events as happen on the show (plagues and such). I sure do wish I had picked up the game when I started watching the show!

In addition to original music by him, nearly every ep there's a great cover song. Some of the ones I especially liked, in no special order: Time After Time (Raya Yarbrough cover) , Come As You Are (Civil Twilight cover), and Ooh Child (Raya Yarbrough cover). Raya Yarbrough did the singing for Bear's BSG songs, so she's featured in Defiance a couple times. I'm not much of a music person, but I love these songs so much.

The plotlines are interesting, I love watching the characters interact, and perhaps most important of all: Syfy Committed To Giving 'Defiance' A Chance -- no canceling after just a couple eps! (In fact, it's already been renewed for season two. Season one had "solid" ratings.)

So! Now's a good time to catch up if you haven't been watching already! You can watch the whole season without a week's delay between eps!