July 15th, 2013

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Where do I Live? / More on Orange is the New Black

The third book came in, just a little late to be included with the book post last night. It'll be a short review.

Where do I live? by Dr. Kristine Duehl.
(Book received for free for review from Smith Publicity)

Is it odd for an adult to enjoy children's books? I enjoyed reading them when I worked in the kids' library, but that was (wow) 20 years back. Some of them, like the two I reviewed yesterday, I like for the story's and/or the art's sake, but some (like Where do I Live?) are less enjoyable for adult-me, but I think would be more enjoyable for kids than the previous two.

If I had a child, I think I'd love the way Where do I Live? urges them to think. It starts out with a picture of an animal, then asks where it lives. Perfect time for a parent and child to work on that question together, then you turn the page and read about the animal's environment. The section ends with another question, which the child can look at the picture to figure out. (Like "What else about a cheetah might help it hide in yellow grass?".)

So: Recommended if you have kids, especially ones that like animals, but this one is a pass for adult-only readers.


I watched a lot of Orange is the New Black over the weekend. I have only three episodes left for the season, but I'm dragging my feet on watching them. The problem is they're too realistic about the issues of power that would arise in a women's prison staffed by mostly men. I know at least one person is watching the series since I mentioned it last, so I'm going to put this behind a cut to avoid spoilers.

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So, Orange is the New Black has gotten darker than I originally said it was, and that it's in a realistic way makes it... "worse" is the wrong word. "Even darker" fits, I guess. I still recommend it, but if you're like me, it might keep you up at night thinking about issues we have no power to fix.