July 18th, 2013

2 cats 1 cup

The most expensive water bottle ever! And other random things.

I try to drink a lot of water (history of kidney stones and all), and lately I've been looking for a bigger and better water bottle to use at work. I saw someone with one that looked fun (shaped like a mini-water cooler bottle), so I hit up Amazon to see if I could find one. I... I think I'll have to pass on this one.

Product page.

And in other news, I'm still enjoying my Netflix subscription. I feel a little guilty when days go by without me using it, but I think I'm still using it enough for it to be worth it. However, I can't stream videos on it while playing WoW (which is too bad, my monitors are set up perfect for doing two things like that), so I had to come up with a solution:

I propped my ipad up against the second monitor! Surprisingly, the size difference isn't bad at all. Probably because I sit so close to it? I ordered a set of speakers for it, the sound is the only thing that's lacking in this setup.

(I usually look at the area and remove anything odd looking before I take a picture, but this time I didn't. That brown thing next to the pill bottle is a nose spray.)

I finished the season of Orange is the New Black. Depressing and realistic, but it bothered me less than when I started the season. Back to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes next. I'm enjoying it, I just hate Hawkeye's purple uniform.

Speaking of superheroes, know what bugs me? Spider-Man. That's the correct way to write it, with the hyphen. It drives me crazy. Only reason it was added was because they didn't want Spider-Man and Superman to be confused. (This would have been a more frothy rant if I had written about it weeks back. Now it just bugs me instead of making me want to write letters to Marvel.)