July 20th, 2013


Strange cat, strange picture

I understood my previous cat. It's not fair to compare the two, as Dax and I had lived together for twenty years, and Ellie New Cat has been here for two years and a couple months, but still. Ellie is just so odd.

Dax had had a whole lot of cat beds. I kept them around in hopes Ellie would eventually use them, but she never did, so last weekend I bagged them all up and threw them out (they were too well-worn to donate). Now Ellie sits in the spots the beds were and stares at me and meows. For hours. The exact spot where the beds were. Just sits there and stares at me.

This has gone on for a week now, so tonight I moved her favorite bed into one of the spots where Dax's bed had been. Now she sits next to the spot/her bed and stares at me and meows. So what is it? Missing the scent of the Other Cat? Were the beds somehow company to her? Or is it just that something is Different and she feels the need to let me know?

Ellie tale #2: For the first time in a long time, Ellie got scared. Not an all-out panic like she used to get into, but scared for sure. I was changing the sheets on my bed, and she was busy "helping" me and ended up under a sheet. SHEET MONSTER OH NO. I rescued poor wide-eyed her and she decided to let the sheets live/let me finish making the bed.

In other "#2" news... Today's Awkward Stock Photo is really, really... awkward. Tell me what advertisement or news story would need a stock photo like this? (I hope to never see that story in print, whatever it's about.)