July 22nd, 2013

Halloween cat

"The world" is happy, I'm grumpy

It really annoys me that America is so obsessed with "the royal baby". This is a silly question, but: Have they all forgotten history? The whole revolution we had so that we wouldn't have royalty? I bet most of these people would gleefully put themselves back under royal rule.

The evening news, a 30 minute show. Ten full minutes was spent on the baby. Next story? Plane crash on a NY runway. Got 30 seconds of airtime.


I feel the same way about celebrity babies (and relationships). Why do people care? Do they consider these people better than them, thus they want to know everything about them? I suspect/worry that's the case. Talk about bad judgement... How about wanting to know more about scientists? Why fawn over someone who can throw a football far, instead of over the guy who is working on a cure for cancer?

I know these aren't original questions or unique grumpiness, it's just this whole darned baby thing that set it off. They had a healthy baby? Great! But so did hundreds of other people today.