July 23rd, 2013

Puzzled (Getbackers)

Guess the TV show! (Warning: Adult themes, rape, violence)

Play the game, boggle along with me! What TV show is this storyline from?

An underaged schoolgirl matured faster than her classmates. After looking at "porn", some boys decided to go peep at her. Her father, an abusive man, caught them. He blamed his daughter for the boys' actions.

A short time later, the girl is raped. A man was hiding in some bushes and grabbed her. The details weren't shown, but it was very clear what happened.

The father again blames her. He grabs her, bruising her as he shakes her and yells at her. "You reap what you sow!" He makes her swear to never tell anyone what happened.

Couple days later, boys circle her, harassing her, grabbing her. She's wild with fear, a teacher has to rescue her.

The father fills her every free moment from then on with hard, physical work.

The girl collapses at school. Turns out she's pregnant. Father says they'll have to move, all because of her.

Couple days later, the girl runs away. The rapist finds her again. The music as he stalks her is enough to give me nightmares -- it raises the hairs on the back of my neck. She falls off a ladder while trying to escape him, her father and another man from town show up and shoot the rapist, and moments later the girl dies of her injuries.


What edgy show is this? Something on cable? Late night TV? No, it's [click to find out.]Little House on the Prairie. I don't watch the show often anymore, but I've enjoyed the few eps I've caught. None of them have been like this two-parter though.

I watched the series multiple times as a child, I suppose most of this must have gone right over my head. It had some good lessons in it, especially for the times (the 70s!). Charles Ingalls spoke a few times about how it wasn't her fault, no one should blame her when they don't even know what happened, etc. I'm just boggling at how dark and sad it is.

You know, come to think of it, all the episodes I've caught as an adult have contained very mature themes. One about racism and the other about the death of a parent. If I had the time, I bet this would be a series well-worth rewatching.

If you get the Hallmark Channel and care to watch, they seem to show three episodes a day at 5, 6, and 7 PM. (Likely repeated at other times of the day, too.)

Edit: Stop smiling, "shocked" mood icon. I don't mean the smiling kind of shocked!