August 5th, 2013

Watchful cat

My life couldn't be more up in the air than it is (or maybe I shouldn't say that...)

I think I need to hide or throw up or perhaps both.

Today's happening is in addition to major medical issues I haven't posted about yet. Basically I'm visiting the doctor more times this month than I do in years, and with all sorts of medical tests I never had before. One day I'll write more about it.

Anyway. Woke up this morning. Checked email first thing. Found out I need to move. Owner wants to renovate my apartment, so he offered to let me move into another apartment in the complex, but he raised our rent six times in a year, and I've been wanting to move out. So if I'm going to move, I'm not moving to another apartment he owns.

My blood pressure was already going through the roof, just based on that first email.

I sat down with Craigslist and started going through postings. Found a couple I could live with, then one I liked. 9:30 and I visited it. It had everything I required (permitted cats), and the things I really really wanted (washer/dryer in unit, dishwasher, AC). The location is good, and while it's a big complex, the area is really pretty (feels more like a park than an apartment complex), plus it has a nice pool.

10 AM and I filled out the application.

Today was going to be a big day because I was picking up my first smart phone (an iphone), so I scurried off to the Apple store in the mall to pick that up. Horrible trip, HATE that mall so much (think about every high-end fashion brand on the planet and put them all in one mall, that was this place). I felt so amazingly out of place. Plus I injured my foot a while ago, so I was hobbling around on it through the giant mall. (At least I didn't lose my car. That's one of my biggest nightmares, that I can't find my car. My nightmares really aren't all that creative -- either me doing horrible things to people I like or losing my car.)

Noon I was home with my phone and lunch and got an email that my credit check/application passed "with flying colors" (which made me laugh -- my credit score is nearly perfect, darned straight I better have passed!).

1 PM and I had made a ton of phone calls to movers (phone-phobic me! I hate calling people and talking on the phone). Turned out 8/5 is a really late, bad time to try to book movers when you want to move that same month. I finally found a company that both had a good rating on Yelp and had an open booking.

Now I need to pack. I've been living in this apartment for 13 years, so... I have no idea how I'm going to be ready in time. I have a grand total of 5 boxes to use. Luckily the dates work out well:

New apartment ready 8/28
Movers coming: 8/30
Out of old apartment by: 8/31

I just hope the owner of the apartment I'm in now isn't a pain about "30 days notice" when I'm just a few days short of that.

Must make a list of all the things I have to do. It feels an impossible task to be ready in that short of time.

Happy ending for an orange trees, commercials, moving

One of the big issues with my move was my orange tree. I bought it when it was a little thing, maybe six inches high. I was enthralled with the idea of owning a tree that grows oranges. I have no idea why. But, as I have a garden megastore nearly across the road from me, it was easy enough to get one. That was maybe ten years ago, and the darned thing has grown and grown since then, me repotting it again and again, until it was finally in one of those wooden slat "barrel pots". The tree was maybe four feet tall (and really needed a much bigger pot, but there's no going up from there).

My new place has a patio, but it's a three level building, so two other patios are directly above mine. Much shade, not so good for plants. Plus I really didn't want to lug the tree with me. It was more of a responsibility than anything at this point. "You want water? Again?! I just watered you last week!"

Freecycle to the rescue. Within five minutes of me making the post, EIGHT people responded asking for it! One woman said she would really like it for her school's garden, that the garden needed a tree. It was so perfect I could have cried. The tree needed to be out of a pot, I really wanted a new home for it instead of throwing it out/killing it, and hopefully kids will enjoy it. Happy ending!

I feel silly linking commercials, but some are so good they're worth sharing. Every time one of Target's new back to school commercials comes on, I not only turn towards the TV to watch, I usually dance in my chair as well.

Volcano is my favorite one.
Bike Ride is short even for a commercial, but makes me grin.
Shopping cart is great, but unfortunately I couldn't find a better quality video.

And in more general moving news: I worked physically harder today than I've worked any day probably since the last time I moved. An hour nap perked me right up though! It feels good to be getting rid of trash bags full of stuff -- two bags to the trash so far, one for donation. I need to post my second TV to Freecycle (old, pre-digital unit, but with a converter box and rabbit ears) -- Freecycle is so much easier than lugging things to be donated or thrown out!

I wish I wasn't going back to work tomorrow, I have so much to do I think my head is going to explode. The new place requires so much, everything from a photo of my cat to my last two pay stubs to renters' insurance (I never bothered with that before, they require you have $100,000 worth of it!).