August 6th, 2013

Dinosaur: green derp

Moving: Day 2

* Freecycle: Less successful today. Posted about my floor-to-ceiling cat scratching post. Described it honestly as "well-scratched" in one section. Guy said he wanted it for his cat. Took 2.5 hours to deal with whole issue. When he arrived, he looked at it and drove off. Later emailed me saying it was "soaking wet" and he couldn't take it. (It was bone-dry, had been inside my apartment until I put it out for him.) Wasted time. Had to lug it down to the dumpster myself.

* New apartment requires renter's insurance. $100,000 worth of coverage. Who on Earth owns $100,000 worth of stuff? Set it up today. Luckily costs only $15/month.

* Threw out two black garbage bags full of stuff. How in the world do I own so much that that hardly makes a dent? Going to have to make trips to donate stuff before the end of packing. I had hoped to make one trip at the end, but already have two black garbage bags full of stuff for them.

* Lord, am I tired. Thankfully I work a desk job, because coming home to six hours of physical work is killing me. Hopefully not literally. Six hours last night, six tonight, and again, not even a dent.

* I feel like I'm going about this in the wrong way. Previous moves I did all of one room, then moved on to the next. This time I feel like I'm fluttering: Pack a drawer here, take the stuff off a wall there, pack a shelf of stuff.

* Was going to wait until the weekend to get boxes, but I think that's holding me up. Going to go tomorrow.

* So tired. So very tired.