August 7th, 2013

Sleepy Ken

Moving Day Three, and cat video... my cat!

I got my first smart phone on Monday. I haven't had much time to play around with it, but I ended up taking a video by mistake, which lead me to discover that function. So, as my first on-purpose video, I filmed Ellie New Cat doing the first trick I taught her. (I filmed it sideways by mistake, but Youtube fixed it on its own. Nice!)

It's only 17 seconds long, and a good part of it is the camera following my big, white hand to take a treat out of the bag. A cameraman I'll never be.

I'm usually very careful about keeping my personal information private, so it feels kind of strange to put a public video up with my voice.

On the moving front, today was books and give-things-away day.

I wouldn't have thought I could cull my physical book collection at all, but I cut it down by half. I was actually surprised at how well I did! The only ones I have left are meaningful ones and some old ones I enjoyed that aren't available in ebook format yet. Alas those latter ones are basically falling apart, so mostly they're going to just sit on the shelf.

Giving-things-away went well, too. Cat scratching post is back in my possession, waiting to be passed on to tersa tomorrow. I packed up all my Pokemon stuff for hamburger. It was so fun looking through it all again! I'm glad I can pass it along to someone who will enjoy it (and/or sell it and put the money to good use). :)

Freecycle: Worked out well today! My extra vacuum is now gone. The lady who responded said hers just died and they didn't have enough money to get a new one. Her and her husband both work, have to share a car, and are having a really hard time. So yay! (I always take these stories with a grain of salt, but she told me that after I agreed to give it to her, so I'm more inclined to believe it.)

Tomorrow's Freecycle will be my old TV/digital decoder thingie/rabbit ears. A pain in the ass to get down to the curb for someone to pick up, but easier that than moving it with me! It's not like I've used it even once in the last many years.

In general, Freecycle is a lot more work than donating things, but it's nice to hear personal stories about where the items are going. It feels more like I'm helping people than if I just dropped it off at a donation center.

I'm (semi-unwillingly) taking this evening off from packing. I feel like I finally made a dent in things, and I'm only three days in. My brain is just one big ball of NO to doing anything more tonight.