August 24th, 2013

Fuwa tackled

Moving continues...

This is from about a week ago. Boxes are multiplying like rabbits, it's hard to walk through my living room at all.

This time next week I'll be in my new apartment. It's that thought that keeps me going.

My sleep has been short and poor the previous week (work was awful, on top of all the other things currently going on in my life). I was looking forward to catching up this weekend, then last night RP happened. I knew I should cut the scene at a reasonable time, but it was going so well and I was really enjoying it, it seemed worth losing sleep for.

Then my brain, my stupid stupid brain, of course woke me up the usual time (5 AM) even though today is not a work day. This always happens, it's why I have to go to bed early if I want to catch up on sleep, I can never sleep in. (To my brain, "sleeping in" is 5:45 or 6, and is very rarely accomplished. Gah! We could have slept all morning and into the afternoon, brain!)

Anyway, packing. I keep thinking I'm almost done, then I find more to pack. I was certain I had more than enough boxes, but now I think I might end up needing more.

Ellie New Cat tried to escape my apartment. Her first serious attempt since I got her (two years ago). She was waiting at the front door for me to come in, and made a run for it. Luckily I (kicked her? caught her between my foot and the door frame?) and she decided to retreat back inside instead. This would be the WORST time for her to get out. Silly Ellie, I know there's no room for you inside anymore, but just hold out a week! The new apartment has a sliding glass door, I think you'll like that.