August 30th, 2013

Pride flag

Damn you, Comcast.

Remember what I said about being able to move? Strike that. I think my feet may fall off! Assorted other body parts, too. I think every limb has an ache, but my feet are the worst. Standing/moving stuff for 8+ hours, I think that was more physical work than I've done in my adult lifetime.

Then I had to deal with Comcast's activation process. Which of course didn't work. I was on hold for more than an hour, trying the process again and again (each time it said it succeeded, but never really did). Then finally, after an hour hold time and no end in sight, it finally really did work.

Now I just have to do the same thing for my TV service. Hopefully that will go smoother, since I succeeded once...

Move went well. The two men they sent were amazing. Such hard work! I had to pay for a four hour minimum (alas), but it took them less than two. They were running and huffing and puffing. Only odd thing was that they wrapped all my furniture in plastic for the move... then didn't unwrap it. Doesn't it seem like they should have?

Boxes everywhere. I'm too exhausted to deal with even sorting them by room, I just need to do the stuff to get me through tonight and tomorrow morning. (Like un-bury my bed...) I even have stuff left in my car that will have to wait.

New place is nice though! More at a later date. zzz
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