September 8th, 2013

Wow: Thistle in a box

Unpacking update

Today is the first day I've felt even the slightest drive to unpack (9 days after my move). I have about a quarter of my boxes still sealed shut, with a number more open and waiting to be unpacked.

I like my apartment more and more the longer I'm here. The hardwood floors are great (Ellie New Cat likes racing up and down the hallway, slipping and sliding like crazy -- it's fun to watch!). My windows are giant and have a nice view (though because I'm on the ground floor, feels less private). Ceiling fan rocks my socks -- feels so much cooler!

I wish I had moved sooner. I thought the apartment I had been in was higher-end (the rent seemed to indicate that!), but now I see that wasn't the case. The previous building had walls that seemed to be brick and nothing else -- in the summer they would heat up like a brick oven and radiate the heat in for days after. This building stays cool. I keep the AC set way warmer, and when I come home from a day of it being off, it's still cool inside. Insulation, what a concept!

I had been dreading moving somewhere where I have upstairs neighbors, but it's not bad at all. They did soundproofing, and the upstairs apartments have carpet instead of hardwood. Maybe the people are quieter, too? Rarely I hear footsteps, once I heard singing. The only sound I hear on a regular basis is a cell phone vibrating (which drives me crazy, since I think it's mine).

There are tons of dogs here and a surprising number of children. (The rents in this area are so high, few folks raise families here.) I find I don't mind seeing/hearing the children at all, which surprises me. My windows face a big grassy/tree park-like area, so the kids play out there in the afternoons, but it's kind of nice. For some reason it makes me happy seeing them, seeing adults walk with babies, seeing whole families. I can't explain it, as I'm not really a kid-person. Maybe it makes this feel more like a home? Like a neighborhood? Maybe because seeing kids is so rare here? (Seems like I can go weeks without seeking a child.)

The storage room is the best thing ever. Why is it a storage room and not just a room being used for storage? It's outside, connected to my porch, you have to go out the sliding glass door and onto the porch to get to the (locked) room. It's so wonderful to be able to store clutter away and out of sight.

I never did find the TV cable I was missing, and today I discovered I'm missing something else: My diswasher soap. If those are the only two things that go missing in this move, I'm doing well. (Though I do wonder if I lost a bag somewhere, those are two last minute things that could have gotten packed together.)

Surprisingly, I miss being able to use my oven. This oven is new (like almost all my appliances, yay), so it needs to run a while to burn off the coating. That makes it smoke, so I want to wait until I can open the windows and such. Mid-week, when the heat wave ends.

It's nice having a maintenance staff to clean the grounds, around the dumpsters, etc. Assumedly to do repairs inside apartments too, though I'm having a heck of a time getting them here. I still have no rod in my closet!

So, all in all, if my boxes would magically unpack and my apartment organize itself, everything would be near-perfect. As-is, it's as good as it can get while everything's still a mess and totally unorganized (seriously, my bathing suit is currently on the living room bookshelf!).
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