September 9th, 2013

Startled brown catgirl

I may have a problem, but egg cartons made from hay aren't it

These egg cartons are both cute as heck as well as Earth-friendly!

Apparently they're made by molding hay in a hot press. I had no idea you could even mold hay!

And on to the problem...

I ran to the store on my lunch break, and stopped my car in the middle of the parking lot to let a man and his young son walk by. The kid was SO cute. I found myself smiling and thinking I maybe wouldn't mind having one. WAIT WAIT STOP HALT BACK THAT TRAIN UP I've never wanted kids (not since I was 5 or 6 and didn't know any better). I've never had a desire to spend time with kids. I really really don't want one of my own... so where in the world are these feelings coming from?

If it's my biological clock, it's running more than a little late. (Apparently biological clocks are really a thing -- I googled it!)

That little boy may have been the cutest thing I ever saw. I couldn't even compare a puppy or a kitten to him (which is just wrong; everyone knows that nothing is cuter than a kitten!).