September 11th, 2013

Book with cat 2

I gave up on a book and found a mystery

Finders Seekers (Ghatti's Tale) by Gayle Greeno.

This is the book trilogy that taught me never to lend out my books.

Many, many years ago, just out of college, I was working at a con. One of the other volunteers who saw me reading this book and asked to borrow it. I forget the details, but I ended up lending her the whole trilogy. I never got them back. I can't even remember if she was to blame or if I quit volunteering unexpectedly, but I never saw this trilogy again, and it had been one of my favorites. One day the idea struck me that the books might be now out as ebooks. The first one was! So I bought a copy and settled in.

Set in the distant future, humans land on a new planet, only to find it populated by housecats. Telepathic housecats. Oh, they may be three times the size of a housecat, but the characters say outright their mannerisms and behaviors are exactly the same.

I suppose I could see why I liked it when I was younger, but adult me just cannot accept there's a planet lightyears away where housecats evolved. Sadly, I can't get into the book at all. I gave it a few days of trying, but I'm barely a couple chapters in; when I start looking for other things to do rather than read, it's time to give up on a book.

And here's where the mystery starts. I sat down to make this post, then wondered what happened to the author. Her last published book was in the late 90s. What was she doing now? So I googled. Nothing came up. Oh, sites about her books appeared, but nothing about her. I wonder if Gayle Greeno was a pen name? Or if she was just really careful to keep herself out of search engines. (My RL name won't bring up any results for me. ...Hmm. Though I just checked myself, and since last time I looked, a new band was created. Name: "(My first and last name) Band". Very odd, as both my first and last names are quite uncommon.) (Edit: *DIES* I decided I should see what kind of music I'm making. Picked a video at random. Picture a German band singing It's Raining Men in English. Huh, they're actually not bad at all. The lead singer (me!) has a pretty nice voice. Seems like the hand does 60s-80s music. I approve! Oh wow, she sounds even better when singing in German...)

I'm sad I couldn't enjoy this book. Yet another one I should have let live on in my memory as a Best Book Ever instead of bringing it crashing down into reality. And, wherever Gayle Greeno is, whatever she's doing, I hope she's living a happy life.