September 17th, 2013


A good thing and a bad thing, sadly of uneven weights

The bad thing: Somehow I broke a tooth. How the heck does that even happen? I was eating lunch, thought I hit a bit of bone in my meat, but didn't check (spit it into napkin and tossed it). Hour or two later, I noticed my tooth felt really odd to my tongue. So, thankfully there's no pain (hopefully there's no 'yet' anywhere near this issue). I have an emergency appointment to see my dentist on Thursday morning. I'm eating only the softest foods I can find and chewing on the other side until then.

The good: I really like how much 80s music they're using in commercials lately. It's so fun to hear the songs again! And in some cases, see the old videos. Check out this car commercial! Such a great play on the old music video (other than the last 15 seconds).