September 24th, 2013

Cat shrimp (hungry now?)

It's raining corncobs!

Of all the things that could fall out of the sky and hit me on the head, a chewed up corncob is one of the more surprising (and gross) ones.

I was walking to my car and I heard a noise overhead. We have tons of squirrels, so I hadn't thought much of it. Apparently this squirrel had taken a corncob out of the dumpster and pulled it into a tree to eat it... and dropped it on me. I'm still trying to decide if it was on purpose or not.

In non-corn news, the US government website is surprisingly entertaining to read. Pair it up with Google and you can make some interesting discoveries. The government has a page with information, warnings, etc about travel to other countries. For example, Afghanistan. I've spent three days reading about travel in the various countries in Africa and the Middle East (and a few random other ones, like China and India).

Where Google comes in is the results page when you search for "travel to (country)". (I did that each time to find the next page to read.) Either the government page came up first or travel sites/sales/information/etc pushed the government site down. It was an interesting way to be able to see how many people travel there. It wasn't related to obvious things -- some places with wars going on and some very dangerous places apparently still get a lot of visitors.

The government is surprisingly quick to reply to emailed comments, too. A couple country pages were jam-packed with typos, and it bugged me enough that I made a list and sent it to them. They replied the next business day! (I emailed Saturday, got a reply Monday morning.)

So, if you're bored and want to find interesting details about countries you rarely even think about, you can find a list of all the country sites here, or just google! It's a lot more interesting than you'd think it would be.

And lastly, remember what I said a week or so back about being okay with kids? I take it all back. They're horrible little monsters. Last night I caught the kids in the complex running at my window and barking to scare Ellie. Who in the world raised these kids? What's wrong with them? Luckily I had the window closed, but they were standing right against the glass and barking as loud as they could. (I have to walk around my desk to get to the window, so they ran off when they saw me coming. Saw me coming because they were standing against my window, hands cupped around their eyes so they could see in as they barked.)