September 26th, 2013

Chi_ :o

Butt pudding

Not enough twerking in your life? Enjoy pudding? Like eating butt-shaped foods? Then this is for you!

Thanks to Japan, now anyone can now enjoy twerking in a glass! Just follow these simple instructions:

I only wonder why the butt is only one of five shapes; I'd rather have more butts and fewer stars and whatever else there was.

This post makes me miss the Japanese Food Review posts I used to write...
Pride flag

Spreading the word...

If you happen to use dried pasta and pasta products, you might want to avoid Barilla. Boxes look like this:

Activists in Italy have called for a boycott of leading pasta brand Barilla after its chairman said he would not use gay people in adverts.

Guido Barilla, chairman of the company of the same name, told a radio interviewer the concept of the "classic" family was fundamental.

If gay people disliked the concept, he said, they could "eat another brand".

Link here.

It's kind of boggling that in this day and age that someone would say that. I'm not surprised that he felt that or planned not to hire gay actors, but to outright say it and tell customers they could go elsewhere? Someone needs to be sent for PR training.