October 6th, 2013

Angry wolf

Ellie New Cat is a good guard cat

Very rarely, I'm sorry I live alone. I was sitting at my desk when a section of the blinds covering the window next to me moved. The window was closed and locked. Only a section moved (maybe a quarter of the blinds). Ellie wasn't in the room. What the hell made the blinds move?

A draft? I had just checked the weather.com page not long before, there was next to no wind. Plus why would that make just a small section move?

I called for Ellie. What would a small cat do against monsters ghosts nocturnal rabid squirrels? Not much, but I wanted to see if she picked up on anything being there. It was at this point I noticed she really does come when I call. (Good cat!)

She was calm and even went near the window on her own and didn't have any odd reactions. I still have no idea what made the blinds move (and I half-expect something to be under my desk right now, about to grab me with cold, dead hands or sink its teeth into my leg). The only slightly logical thing I can think is that the blinds (they're the vertical kind) were crooked and gravity finally kicked in and righted them. But I didn't see them crooked before this...

If I stop posting, it means some creature really did somehow get in through the locked window.