November 1st, 2013


Worst timing for days off...

I had Wednesday, Thursday, and today off and all to myself -- just enough time to relax and catch up on TV before going back to work.

My apartment complex had other ideas.

They're replacing the pool deck and hot tub. Apparently this requires three days to jack hammer the concrete out. Same three days I'm at home.

8 AM to 6 PM, nonstop "drilling" (jack hammering? Whatever the verb is for multiple giant pieces of metal striking concrete every second or so, to break it up into small pieces). Three different men are doing it, so on the off chance that one has to pause, the other two machines make sure there's not a moment of quiet.

As loud as it is in my apartment (loud enough that it's impossible to watch TV), stepping outside is worse. The noise is physically painful. I feel like a kid, but I cover my ears with my hands when I have to go out.

Nine hours a day of this. Everything in my apartment is vibrating. Luckily Ellie New Cat seems to not be upset at it (she's sleeping in the sun as I type), but it sure does make for sucky days at home for me.

Edit: Patric Stewart in a lobster costume makes things a little better though: