November 11th, 2013


Some amount of things might make a post

I haven't posted in a few days, so here goes. Some number of unrelated things that have been happening lately:

* I don't usually rec things before I've read a significant chunk of them, but I was reading my friendsfriends list and stumbled upon laniew1's LJ. She's writing a Teen Wolf/Avengers crossover. I've only read the first of 30 chapters, but I'm really liking it. The voices all work, both on the Teen Wolf side and Avengers/SHIELD side. I'm not really sure how Stiles/Clint will go, but I'm willing to ride it out and see.

* Much to my great surprise, I've gotten back into RP. I had gone so long (months) without it, I thought that was the end and I just never would again. Then suddenly I was RPing every day, nearly every waking, non-working moment. I think my long dry spell was due to a number of things: 1) I played the character too long. I was bored with him and his story had long since been finished. I should have let him die and moved on. 2) So much OOC drama. Gods above, so much. Dealing with people a decade or two younger than me, some with serious emotional issues, and just wow. Fighting and angsting and just who needs that. What a sap of my energy. 3) Maybe RP burnout. 1 + 2 could = burnout, or it could have really been burnout. Who knows.

If I weren't so exhausted I'd be all EEEEEE AAAIIIEE RP EEEE. Plus it's a little embarrassing that the one of the people I've been doing so much RP with is in my friends list. :) I mean, not like I haven't EEEEE'ed at her directly, but I try to look like at least a semi-normal adult in my LJ. :P

* After a number of disappointing eps, Homeland has gotten back to amazingly good. I swear, that show is everything that works for me, it's like it was written just for me. So many mental games! Out-thinking the other guy, forcing them to do something totally against their nature, brainwashing, training, breaking people and rebuilding them.

* I got my blood work back today, and I'm happy to say I won't have to jump out of a window. Because of the heart issue, all my blood work numbers on everything were really bad last time. My doctor said it was all because of my heart and stress around that, but idiot that I am, I didn't believe her. (How many times to I get annoyed at people who don't believe their doctors?) The numbers weren't perfect, but they went back to very close levels as they were before the heart stuff, so I call that good enough for now.

* Related: If I make it through the winter swimming outside, I'll be amazed. The pool is heated (supposedly), but it usually feels as cold as the air. At least this area of the country doesn't get too cold, but I tell you, swimming when it's 50 and cloudy is no fun at all. Soon enough it'll be 40s when I go. (Classes/free swim time is 10 AM, so nothing much has warmed up by then.)

* I'm still "playing" WoW. I'm at the point of hating the game, I resent the direction Blizz takes the storyline, I have little I'm looking forward to in the coming expansion, but through WoW I RP and have a collection of very nice people to chat with, so that's what keeps me there. The game is just a non-too-pretty chatroom to use for RP and chatting. (Irony is, the best WoW RP is done over IM...)