November 16th, 2013


Saturday Evening Post

A hodgepodge of topics.

- Swimming. Someone clued me in that there was a gym with a pool (an INSIDE pool) in my town. This would be an improvement over my current gym as the pool is not outside. Also, it would be about 10 minutes one way instead of 30. (Oh how I hate to exercise. oh how I hate spending an hour extra travel time just to exercise.) This is good as swimming in 50 degree weather is just miserable.

- Cold. Know what sucks after you've been swimming in 50 degree weather? Your apartment having no heat. Man, is it cold. They sent the complex repair guy out to look, but he couldn't fix it, so they need to wait for someone from a heating/cooling company on Monday. High tomorrow will be 64, so it could be worse, but still won't be fun.

- Money. Leaving the Y will cost me a lot of money. You basically have to pay for two months your first month (monthly fee + membership fee), and you have to give 30 days written notice to quit, so that will basically be paying three months for, what, three weeks? Blah.

- Graze. I ate my last two snacks of the box. scandinavian forest (blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and apple) and white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (raspberry infused cranberries, white chocolate buttons and hazelnuts). (Why, oh why, does the company hate capital letters so much?) While I couldn't tell one dried fruit from another (other than the apples), it all tasted great. The cheesecake one was okay (turns out I don't really like hazelnuts, but I love white chocolate and the cranberries, so that was good enough).

I wonder why they use so many infused fruits. Cherry infused raisins? Why not just used dried cherries? Seems like it would be less effort and more of the flavor they wanted.

Anyway. Going to go see the new gym tomorrow instead of swimming. I can't get a chill swimming and come home and sit in a cold apartment all day. If the new place looks nice, I might take a swim there (since they'll likely offer a free day pass).