December 6th, 2013


Books and birthdays

I'm sad to report that I gave up on Lord of the Flies. I reached the 60% mark, so it still counts as the 50th book of the year, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed. I had decided to go check the wiki page about it, because I thought finding out more of the background and symbolism might help me enjoy it, only to be majorly spoiled. (Can I get a big "Duh!" to that?) I knew how the book ended, so I thought spoiling wouldn't be an issue, but I had forgotten there were character deaths.

Still, I enjoyed reading the wiki page a lot more than the 60% of the book that I got through, so I suppose it's for the best.

I'm currently reading The Darkling Sea, which I'm loving! I accepted it free to review, which I had intended to not do anymore, but it sounded interesting so I made an exception.

I've mentioned it in comments a couple times, but I haven't written about it in a post, so I'll explain that now. While my reviews have been 100% honest, when someone gives me a free book for my review, I feel like I owe them something. I know that's silly and wrong, but it's how I feel. Add on to that that I have to link them my review -- I have a really hard time being critical to someone's face! So, while I was honest, I focused on the good parts as much as I could, and that felt dishonest.

I'll still accept books to review when I know I'll like them (I'm really hoping the next Narrowing Path/Cruel Path book will be offered!) or when they sound interesting (Darkling Sea), but otherwise I'm going to cutting way back. My number of books read/reviewed won't change, I'll just acquire them myself.

Birthday/Christmas: In general, I don't waste money. I don't buy toys. I don't buy things I don't really need. So once a year I try to "waste" money on something I don't need but might just be fun to have. One year I spent $90 on popcorn (a special kettle, special kernels, "movie theater" salt and oil -- enough of the last two to last for decades, it's only too bad they both sucked). This year I decided to buy a Soda Stream, a little machine that will carbonate drinks/make soda. I've been wanting one for a long time, but couldn't really justify buying one. $80 at Amazon, with $25 off -- Happy birthday/merry Christmas to me!

It should arrive on Monday, I'll review it in more detail then.