December 12th, 2013

Evil Ken (Digimon)

Sodastream: Review | Waterproof iPod!

It's been quite a trial, but finally I have the Sodastream machine, flavors, and a working CO2 cartridge. (I'm not convinced that the sample one that came with the machine wasn't working, see below.)

I stopped by Best Buy on the way home. Exchanging the empty(?) mini-cartridge for a new full sized one was effortless (and about $17). Supposedly you'll get 60 uses out of it, but from my experience thus far and word on the net, one should expect to actually get 40-50 uses out of it.

As soon as I got home, before changing or anything else, I installed it and tried the machine. Nothing. I tried it again and again, but it was dead. Finally out of frustration I pounded the button, and it actually worked. Checking online, I'm not unique in that: You need to "press" the button to the point that it feels like the flimsy plastic housing will break. (Seriously, I had to push it down with all my strength. I wonder if I just didn't press hard enough last night? You need to press to the point that it feels like something will snap.)

(Machine, 1 liter bottle, in the front is the 6 pack of flavors it comes with, to the side is the 12 pack sample flavors I bought. Too much overlap between the two!)

As my first flavor, I tried Diet Cola. I knew it wouldn't taste exactly like Diet Coke, but I thought it might be close enough. (Though even Diet Pepsi makes me unhappy, so I perhaps should have guessed it wouldn't be.) The Diet Cola was bad to the point I couldn't drink it. Really harshly bitter. I drank about half a glass, I kept thinking it couldn't be that bad, then gave up and threw the whole bottle out.

I don't usually drink non-diet sodas, but half the samples were regular, so I tried orange soda next. (I LOVE brand name orange soda.) It's really just not very good at all. It's non-diet, but it doesn't taste sweet at all. I mean zero sweet, just chemical and bitter. (It tastes like really old diet soda, when all the sweetness is gone and you're left with just that chemical bitter taste.)

I wondered if maybe my flavor syrups had expired, but they're good until mid-2014.

Even the non-diet sodas have artificial sweeteners in it, so maybe that's the issue? But I drink lots of Diet Coke and foods with it, and I never experienced this bitterness.

There is a "natural" line of flavors with only real sugar and such in it, I might try those. I have a dozen or so sample flavors that I haven't tried yet, too.

I'm not going to give up on the machine, it'd be silly to after only two flavors, but I am worried. It's somewhat fun to use -- if the flavors were better I'd recommend it.

The replacement machine arrived today. Right on time!


I now have an iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Does that make me an Apple person? Nah. When I bought my iPad, it was the first and only tablet. I did buy the iPhone because I figured it would be easiest since I have iTunes already set up. The iPod was the most recommended waterproof one on Amazon (plus I figured it would be easiest since I have iTunes already set up...). So I'm more a lazy person than an Apple person!

I cannot believe how small it is. I've never had an iPod before. I suppose I never saw one before. This thing is little bigger than a postage stamp! (Part of me still goes "How in the hell do 2 gigs fit on something so small?!" which is the silliest reaction ever, 2 gigs is tiny nowadays!) I kind of thought iPods were the size of a small TV remote.

I kind of didn't want to buy another toy, since I just got the Sodastream, but this is more of an investment for exercise. I get so bored swimming, I always want to cut my time short. If I'm entertained, it will be easier to stick with it the whole hour. At this point swimming isn't just a fad for me, I've been doing it almost for a year and I have no desire to quit (well, I mean, if I have to exercise, which I do), so I think this is a reasonable purchase.

I have an audio book to listen to (Knife of Never Letting Go, yay!). I'm going to look into podfics once I run out of books.