December 23rd, 2013

Men hugging

My "Happy Generic Winter Holiday" post is less generic this year

Every year I post my favorite Christmas song ever:

Little Taiko Boy (AKA: The Christmas Fairy Condom song). A Japanese PSA about safe sex, done to Little Drummer Boy in a Japanese style. I love the Youtube description:

Little Taiko Boy combines Western holiday traditions, Shinto mythology, and Japanese gay culture to advocate a very different way of wrapping gifts for a loved one.

The Condom Fairy visits men in need of condoms, no matter the setting.

Lyrics are NWS. Video is semi- or probably-NWS, depending on your workplace. No full frontal male nudity, but back nudity and suggestive situations. Warning: The lyrics tend to stick in my head for ages. However, they amuse me endlessly, so I don't mind. ("On my tum, tum...")

And for your Very Not Generic Winter Holiday dinner, Santa sushi!

If I don't post again in the next couple days, have a good Generic Winter Holiday, everyone!

Edit: And here I forgot to give everyone a gift! Have some protection from being raped and robbed while you water flowers naked and walk your dog in the nude: From Thailand, fake male parts! (Link is actually work safe, video at end has naked bits, but they're blurred out.)

Think this is a gift only for women? Oh ho ho no! Who would rob a man with two penises!

Okay, that not your thing? How about this clever idea: Learn English with video game violence, aliens, and sex:

This whole site is really amusing, I wish I had found it sooner!