December 26th, 2013

Dinosaur: purple cartoon

Two helpful things for LJ

Late Christmas gifts, of a sort?

1) For years I've read my friendsfriends list (friends of friends, NAME/friendsfriends to see it), but so often it's overrun with spammy communities I have no interest in. susandennis discovered a fix for it: Tack ?show=P onto the end of it! So if you were me, your URL would look like:

Notes: The friendsfriends list is a paid account feature.

2) I hate side-scrolling. Do you hate side-scrolling, too? If so, and if you use Firefox, this addon is for you. Which addon? This addon! With the nearly doubling of my friends list, I get multiple posts a day with images so wide they force me to side-scroll the whole page. I used to use Adblock to block them, but my list of blocked images was getting really long, and I had no idea if I was slowing my browsing down. With that Image Resizer/Scaler addon, you can resize an image in the page by just right-clicking and dragging. The only downside is that, unlike adblocking, each time you reload the page you have to resize oversized images.

Bonus! 3) Not using Adblock? You really should be! Why in the world would you want to see ads on the internet? Plus it's safer not to see them (since they can spread malicious code). Get Adblock here.

Edit: The reviews on the How to Avoid Huge Ships book on Amazon are really amusing!