June 1st, 2014

Happy/sleepy/stretching cat in fez

TV, movies, RP

Community: I loved every episode of the first season, and disliked every episode of the second. I don't know what happened to the show then (or was it me?). I'm back to loving the third season though, so that's good.

Especially in the second season, I'm really, really not liking Pierce anymore. In the second season, he was just plain mean. It might not have been so bad if I were seeing an episode per week, but seeing multiple in a day? I wanted to hit him in the back of the head with a shovel. Forget mean, he was downright evil at times. The third season he seems back to non-evil again, so I no longer spend each episode hoping he'll vanish from the show.

I'm watching the Glee episode now and it's killing me. :D

Captain America: Winter Soldier: I'm always one of the last people to see movies, mostly because I hate going to the theater to see them. A number of non-spoiler thoughts:

1) I hate tumblr sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Mostly I avoid the site, but now and then I get bored and check it. One of the times I visited was right after Winter Soldier came out. Tumblr was in a frothing rage at how little Black Widow was in it. "Marvel is running a war on women!" and other such lovely comments. Based on that, I expected her to be mostly just a walk-on role, maybe a few minutes of screentime. But nope, it was just Tumblr being its usual SJW batshit insane self. She was a main character! Did she have a larger role than Captain America? Nope, but his name is in the title. Might someone fairly want to see more of her? Sure, of course. But she was not "barely" in the movie! Grrr.

2) I should have seen it sooner. I wish I had more time, because there are so many fics that I now must read. I love plots with all that stuff that was going on to make the Winter Soldier what he was. (Vague to avoid spoilers.)

3) I had more than a couple periods of being bored, but all in all, the scenes with Winter Soldier made up for them. I especially LOVED the last hidden scene after the credits.

RP: I can't believe how much I roleplayed today. Usually I do one scene that lasts an hour or two. Today I played all day. I know I've said this before, but it's so nice to be getting back to it! I haven't gone a day without RP for a while now! (Except one, by choice, because I needed a break.)

All in all, a good weekend!