September 22nd, 2014

Cat with bandaid

I should have waited until this morning to make a status post

Last night seems to be some kind of turning point. I slept the night through (YAY) and only mildly itchy this morning. I have a little new rash (there's not much skin left for it!), and those sections are so small that I can put up with the itching/burning. Anything older than this new stuff seems to have stopped itching. WOO

Also lost seven pounds this morning (10 total since surgery/one week). The drug I'm on for the rash does increase your appetite, so that might be why I had been feeling hunger in the last week.

I didn't mention in last night's post, but the surgeon took me off two of my three diabetes meds off the bat, with the last one to be taken "if my blood sugar isn't too low". My sugar has been in the low-normal(-for-diabetes) range, so I've been taking it, but the drug for the rash raises your blood sugar, so maybe once I'm done with that I'll be off all diabetes drugs.

Life is much, much better when it doesn't feel like you want to claw off more than 90% of your skin!