November 15th, 2014

Dinosaur: green derp

A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay (Wacky Book Covers, part 6)

Turns out that bad books are good business. What else would explain how many wacky series are out there? Not even just wacky books, whole series!

Today's series is "A ___ forced me gay!", by Hunter Fox. A selection of titles from this series:
Forced Gay by Aliens
Tentacles Made Me Gay
Forced Gay by the School Mascot
Yetti Forced Me Gay
Sphinx Turned Me Gay
Turned Gay by an Orc
T-Rex Forced Me Gay
Brachiosaurus Made Me Gay
Cyclops Forced Me Gay
Sea Monsters Made Me Gay
Legendary Beasts Made Me Gay
RoboHound Forced Me Gay
Turned Gay by a Spinosaurus

My favorite is: Alien Hound Forced Me Gay (Is he... I... um...)

He also wrote a series of "Forced by..." books (T-Rex Forced Me, ) and other random titles (Big Foot's Side Piece, Gay Cyclops GangBang, Ravaged By The Saber Tooth Tiger).

I put some of the best/worst covers behind the cut.

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The A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay Amazon page has some darned funny reviews.

While I just cannot pay $3 for ~15 pages of "story" (which gets down to ten or less when you take into account preface pages, advertisements at the end for other books in the series, etc), I'm really, really curious about how bad these are. They sound so amusingly bad!

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Credit for this find goes to socksofjello!