April 20th, 2015

Sleeping Ellie

FTP tool? New eyes? Old sites? I need them all!

So tired. My new upstairs neighbors moved in a couple days ago, and sadly they're so loud. Even more sadly, they're loud before 5 AM. I'm such a light sleeper, their stomping keeps me up at night and wakes me up long before my alarm goes off (are they dancing in high heels and work boots? I think so!). Blah.

There was going to be a picture with this post, but my "freeware" FTP tool stopped working after 30 days. Grrr. Does anyone have an easy, simple one they like?

My eyes are so tired! I've been reading so much since last night. My IC journal posts, my RP partner's IC posts, and I started in on some RP logs, too. Man, I'm so in love with this story we had been playing out! It pains me to know that all too soon I'll reach the end of my reading material for it.

Related to that: While I backed up all(?) of my IC posts on LJ, the fellow I was RPing with did not. D: The site were we had originally posted them (wyrmrestaccord.org) seems to have deleted them all, which is very sad. I even checked the Internet Wayback Machine, but it was no help. Looks like back in 2012 they had an archive up so you could download your old stuff, but they sent no email out about it or anything... Blah.

I was having fun reading one of my character's posts, then one of his from the same day, back and forth... until I reached a big block of time with none from him -- he hadn't cross-posted it. I have no idea if I had cross-posted all of mine or not. What a loss. :/

I haven't RPed in a couple days now. My current character/plotlines seem to pale next to these old ones. Blah.