June 29th, 2015


Back to real life...

I took a week and a day of vacation time off for FFXIV's new expansion pack (the MMO I play). This might sound pathetic, but this might have been the best vacation I had in my entire life. Vacations where I go somewhere or have company always have stressful and boring periods, but this vacation was fun and stress-free from the first moment I woke up until I went to bed.

The game had so much new content that, for seven days straight, I did nothing but play (and sleep, shower once a day, and eat now and then). I still have so so so much to do in game, but it was good to get a head start like that. It wasn't until Saturday (two days ago), that I was ready to do something even on the level of turning on the TV or reading.

Imagine, an expansion pack that costs $40 (and $12/month fee), giving me that much entertainment... plus I'll be playing it every day for the next many months. Now that's value for your dollar!

Coming back to work is SO HARD, I want to flee back home and never leave. At least being away from home means I can catch up on other online stuff, like friends list reading. *cough* It's been years since I've had this many posts to read! I've read 100, and still have 100 more to go. Oh, and catching up on actual work stuff, too. :P At least that's not as bad as it could be.

I'll get my new desk location on Thursday, yay! Something to look forward to!

I finished Sense8 over the weekend. I generally liked it a lot, though it wasn't 100% perfect. Collapse ) I actually almost stopped watching the series because of that, but I stuck with it and luckily it started to focus more on other things as the show went on.

One good thing about being back to work is that I should be able to eat better. I don't think I got a day's worth of protein in an entire week of eating...which might also be why I've lost a lot of hair lately, though I don't know if it could impact that so quickly -- maybe I'm just shedding since it's spring. :P I thought I had had enough food to cover me for my vacation, but apparently I was 100% wrong.

Back to friends list reading!