September 21st, 2015

Book with cat: Litterbox

Book #26 of 2015: Sergeant at Arms

Sergeant at Arms by Crystal Dawn
Rating: Hated (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Quiz time! You're a were-dragon on a planet of were-dragons. For lord knows what reason, every child born to your race is born male. So to get females, you take your spaceship over to the next planet over and trade gold for women. That planet knows you and likes your gold, so they're fine trading women to be your mates. One day an asteroid hits the Planet of Women and all the women have to flee the planet.

1) How, if you have space travel not just to this planet but to anywhere in the universe, did you miss that this asteroid was headed to the Planet of Women?

2) When the women all decide to flee their dying planet, why did you not invite them all to yours? Or at least track them where they went to? Noooo, you let them scatter to the winds and thus your race is dying unless you find Earth women to mate with.

3) How the hell, when nothing but males are born, did your species survive until you developed space flight?

4) Why is this book called Sergeant at Arms when there is no military or ranks involved?

I know it will come as no surprise, but the writing was just so so bad. The main character's name was Davinia. The story took place on Earth in Dracon City. In a book about dragons...

"Those guys were so hot that Davy thought she might need a fan placed where it would blow on her."

While playing the slots, she won:
"It had just hit its jackpot of a hundred thousand plus dollars!"

"Her waitress came and distracted her and she ordered a sex on the beach which had all the men staring her way and a mixed appetizer platter."

The book was free, and still not worth the price. I gave up at the 50% point, which was a lot further than I should have read.